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Low-cost Logo Embroidered Apron | Personalizated Professional Aprons

Embroidery Fonts

Thread Colors

Your embroidery may include up to thirty three (33) different colors at no extra charge. We rarely need that many, but will use as many colors as necessary to execute your design to your satisfaction.
Black Green Navy Royal Blue
Blush Khaki Orange Star Bright
Burgundy Light Blue Powder Blue Teal
Caribbean Light Silver Purple Gold
Brown Fuschia Hunter Lavendar
Light Orange Light Teal Lime Green Olive
Pink Raspberry Rust Sage
Sand White Yellow Multi Pastel

In practice, uniforms are important for the company staff or for schools for the purpose of identity. Overshadowed by the words fame, “uniform” speaks about singularity of a particular group. Taking a school as an example, having a number of students can make it difficult to identify with those who were not really enrolled to those legitimate students. Thus the singularity of a particular group in this example is hence applied because of uniform. But because uniforms these days are becoming that generic and that almost 5 out of ten schools that we may see can have similar uniforms, identity is once again put to test. This truth also goes for companies, restaurants, and other entities that take the aid of uniforms for identification.

And so a system should be used to complement with the uniforms. This is when logo plays a vital role. Every major company these days are identified with easy to remember logos. Say for example an apple with portion already eaten, or a yellow fancy M that contains no edges. All of these are just examples of how logos can easily retain in the minds of the consumers. This theory stays true with cars with their so unique logos being embedded in every unit they sell. But logos are not limited into car bumpers or huge billboards. They also came effective when embroidered or printed to the uniforms of the employees that represent the company.

Here at ApronPoint, we offer embroidery not just an option but an inclusive service to boost identity of your business through your uniforms. In every order of apron from us, you can have a choice of personalizing it with your name or the names of your staff or you can customize it with your own logo. Get custom embroidery like name for just an additional $3.99 per line for every item or you may choose a stock logo pegged at $4.99 or your own uploaded company logo for $5.99. For questions about our embroidery service you may shoot our personnel an email at info@apronpoint.com or ring us at 1877 264 3717.